Staying updated on the latest developments?

Plasthill BV was established in the nineteen fifties. Over the years there has been regular investment in new blow film lines and conversion machines, with the emphasis increasingly being on the production of industrial packaging products. In addition, a market was built up for wide horticultural film, and this contributed to the intensification of the cooperation with Oerlemans Plastics. In November 2000, this eventually resulted in acquisition by OPACKGROUP. This made Plasthill a subsidiary of the OPACKGROUP, of which Perfon was also a part at that time. The OPACKGROUP now consists of Oerlemans Plastics, Perfon, Plasthill, Oosterwolde Plastic Industrie (O.P.I.), Fardem Packaging, Flexpak and Stempher.

In the last ten years Plasthill has continued its specialisation in the production of technical films. The successful marketing of TopEmBoss (embossed film) and related products for the rubber and composite industry has prompted Plasthill to invest further in items including a new embossing machine and a five-layer co-extruder. Besides this development, Plasthill has further expanded its position in the pallet packaging and liners market. Various investments have been made for this purpose in both extruders and conversion machines. This has made Plasthill an all-round producer of both conventional products such as shrink film, sleeves and vending machine film and high quality multi-layer films that can now also be corner welded.