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In 1959, Draka Interfoam began extruding polyethylene bags to package the mattresses they manufactured. The core business at that time was the production of mattresses. Subsequently, the range of films expanded to include other industrial packaging. A comprehensive overview of the timeline up to today is outlined below:

In 1959, Draka Interfoam started extruding polyethylene bags, used for packaging the mattresses they produced. At that time, producing mattresses was their core business. Afterwards, the range of films was expanded and other industrial packaging was added. Below you can read about the complete company history, until the present day:

  • In 1959, Draka Interfoam started extruding polyethylene bags, used for packaging the mattresses they produced.
  • 1959: The range of films is expanded with other industrial packaging.
  • 1984: The production of film is separated from the production of mattresses. Management Buy Out of the film activities that will continue under the name of Plasthill from then on.
  • 1987: Plasthill moves to a new site on the Weerlaan in Hillegom. Various investments in new blow film lines.
  • 2000: Plasthill becomes part of the OPACKGROUP.
  • 2006: Plasthill has further expanded her position in the market of pallet packaging and PE-liners, and has developed into an all-round producer of industrial and transport packaging, such as shrink film, covers (with and without corner weld, and vending machine film.
  • 2006: Installation of 3-layer co-extruder and start of production of high-quality multilayer film.
  • 2009: Takeover of the activities of Burgers Flexiprint. From this moment on, Plasthill further specializes in producing high-quality technical film. By successfully marketing TopEmBoss (embossing film) and related products for the rubber and composite industry, Plasthill has further strengthened its position in these markets.
  • 2014: Invested in new embossing machine. Expansion of capacity and increased delivery reliability.
  • 2015:  The factory in the Weerlaan is expanded by adding a new hall and installing a new 5-layer co-extruder.
  • 2020: Expansion of embossing capacity by purchasing a new embossing machine. Increased capacity and delivery reliability.
  • 2020: The Pastoorslaan site (30.000m²) is put into service. This new location serves as the logistics center. This is where the storage and distribution to all our customers is handled. This enables Plasthill to unburden the customer even further.

A strong team of packaging producers

Plasthill produces and supplies a full range of specialized, flexible films and packaging in paper and plastic variants. The group consists of seven manufacturers, ten production sites, independent research lab, inhome reprographics and more than 750 professionals with huge experience! We would like to unburden you; from design to packaging production and implementation.

More than 3,000 customized products

In our digital product environment; innovation and sustainability meet in the diverse range of flexible custom packaging solutions.

With a balanced mix of knowledge and passion for the packaging product, we specialize in developing advanced packaging solutions which not only meet but exceed the demands of today’s dynamic markets!

At home in all markets

In our digital market environment, visitors have reached the destination for customized packaging solutions in a broad spectrum of sectors. We divide these into main areas food, non-food and agri/horticulture.

Discover the Plasthilldetailed market selections meticulously tailored to specific industry needs. With a focus on customization and innovation, you will discover the perfect packaging solutions uniquely designed for your business.

Experience our expertise in packaging for different markets – your journey to customized solutions starts here!

Think in solutions

Meet Plathill’s solutions: our online hub – dedicated to the unique properties of packaging. Discover innovative, sustainable customized solutions for a variety of industries. Consider flexible packaging options designed for ultimate product protection and environmental responsibility.
Help us shape a greener, more efficient future – together we can make IMPACT! A few examples:

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