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Plasthill has the following quality certificates:


Plasthill is an organisation that has grown significantly in recent years. The actions that we take with regard to all possible aspects of social responsibility have contributed to this. In a changing world, the delivery of products that are simply technically sound no longer guarantees the continuity of the business in either the short or long term.

Plasthill produces and supplies in accordance with a complete quality system. We have been BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials certified since 2005. An increasingly important part of our turnover is generated in the food and pharmaceuticals industry. This sector works with the BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials quality system. This quality system includes procedures, working methods and hygiene regulations that enable us to produce and deliver our products in accordance with quality and hygiene standards. Traceability is also guaranteed outstandingly.

Our BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials quality system is audited annually by an external agency. For our customers this certificate guarantees responsible production. Production in accordance with the highest quality standards has the highest priority in our company. This means that a great deal of testing and checking is carried out.

Plasthill is also ISO9001 certified. This standard entails that the organisation knows what its customers expect from it, that it can meet these expectations with the resources that it has at its disposal and that everything is delivered in the agreed manner. During this process it is examined whether the requirements are actually being met, and improvements are be made where necessary. The management must make it demonstrable that it is working actively with the quality management system.