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Plasthill produces flexible polyethylene packaging and film. Film is blown in our modern extrusion department. Plasthill has 20 state-of-the-art extruders. Both mono and co-ex film can be produced with these machines using the most modern technologies. We can give film an extensive range of properties, such as flame-retardant, UV stabilised, barrier, smooth, rough, etc., which makes the finished product extremely suitable for your application. The people in our extrusion department work in 5 shifts, 7 days per week. Our technical service keeps the machines up-to-date, which means that any faults can be resolved rapidly. It is partially because of this that we can guarantee our quality and continuity.

The process
Polyethylene granules are poured into a cylinder through a funnel and then heated. Inside the cylinder a revolving screw pushes the molten mass through an opening, after which the film is blown upwards like a balloon. After cooling, the film is rolled flat into a double layer and then rolled up. The film is now ready for further processing.