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As of 1 January 2019, Oerlemans Packaging Group took over the activities of Frisiapack in Heerenveen. Frisiapack specialises in the delivery of stretch sleeves used for wrapping plastic containers, jerrycans, buckets, bottles and kegs.
For many years, the subsidiary company Oerlemans Plastics has been the exclusive supplier of printed semi-manufactured products to Frisiapack. Consequently, this acquisition is a logical next step in their years of partnership. “Oerlemans Packaging Group considers sustainability of paramount importance and thanks to this acquisition, the Oerlemans Packaging Group can now deliver circular sleeves,” says Joan Hanegraaf. Designing for recycling will only become more important in the coming years. Putting sleeves on plastic packaging prevents contamination due to the use of glues or paper labels, which hinder optimal recycling. Another advantage is that sleeves are easy to remove, which means plastic packaging can be refilled after they are cleaned and provided with new sleeves.

According to Andries Smit of Frisiapack, this acquisition also has many benefits for the customers. In the course of 2019, the activities will be moved to Oerlemans Plastics in Giessen. The manufacture and printing of the foil, as well as the manufacture of the sleeves will all occur under one roof, which will improve efficiency tremendously. In addition to environmental advantages, we will also be able to deliver faster and expand our packaging range. All the knowledge and expertise will be in one location, which means we can offer our customers optimal service and advice. The employees who don’t move to Oerlemans Plastics will be offered a job at a sister company, Oosterwolde Plastic Industry; in other words, a win-win situation for everyone, according to Andries and Joan.

The Oerlemans Packaging Group stands out due to its all-inclusive range of flexible plastic packaging. With this strategic acquisition, the range is further expanded and this supports Oerlemans Packaging Group’s strategy as an all-inclusive supplier of plastic packaging and foils: one-stop-shopping.

As of 1 January 2019, the Oerlemans Packaging Group consists of 7 foil-producing companies:
• Oerlemans Plastics BV in Genderen and Giessen
• Perfon BV in Goor
• Plasthill BV in Hillegom
• Fardem Packaging BV in Edam
• O.P.I. BV in Oosterwolde
• Flexpak BV in Geldermalsen
• Frisiapack BV in Heerenveen
For more information please contact:
Frisiapack BV/ Oerlemans Packaging BV
Andries Smit/ Joan Hanegraaf
0513-648975/ 0416-358100