Regelmatige updates over uw vakgebied?

Starting early 2010, Plasthill BV in Hillegom (NL), being part of dutch Oerlemans Packaging Group BV, extended her portfolio with Embossed PE Films with brandname “TopEmBoss ® ” . TopEmBoss Embossed PE Film is a co-extrudated film of which the surface is treated in a state-of-the-art Embossing Line, Plasthill BV commissioned back in 2014.

A brand -new 2nd embossing-line is due to put into operation in 2nd quarter of this year. This will double our production-capacity and gives us the opportunity to greatly improve lead-times.

The range of TopEmBoss Embossed PE Films is widely used within the rubber-and tyre industry, as a releaseliner on unvulcanised, sticky rubbercompounds.

TopEmBoss Embossed Films are also to a large extent used in the production of Prepregs (i.e. resin-impregnated fibers) and of Poly Vinyl Butyral Films (i.e. thin, sticky interlayers in stratified safety-glass).

With a special focus on our customers in the prepregindustry, Plasthill BV developed TopEmBoss PLUS, a type of Embossed Film based on a special recipe, featuring low shrinkage and allowing a ply-and wrinkle free application

In general: in all those cases in which sticky substrates need a temporary covering and protection, a well composed Embossed PE Film like TopEmBoss could give a relief.

Apart from the hereabove mentioned industrial applications, an embossed surface also gives a surprising and distinguishing effect to PE film for packaging purposes: an embossing offers a “premium” appearance.

By composing well-balanced polymer-recipes and selecting the most appropriate type of embossing for the job, Plasthill BV is able to offer her customers an optimal performing embossed film.

Plasthill BV has the following embossing patterns available:

*) Pyramid

*) Diamond

*) Satin

*) Linen

TopEmBoss Embossed PE Films are produced in thickness down to 20 mu, up to 300 mu and in widths up to 2300 mm.

TopEmBoss Embossed PE Films: for all your enquiries, any relevant questions or remarks, please contact us at Plasthill BV.